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1934 -
  • Paul and Laura Darling - My Grandparents
  • Paul and Laura with Children
  • My Great Grand Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary
    1979 -
  • My Grandmother Laura and I
    1980's -
  • My Grandparents Paul and Laura
    1983 -
  • My wonderful dog Dutch and i on the steps to the House.
  • My Grandmother Helen and I
    1990 -
  • Paul and Laura with the Florida Sunset
    1997 -
  • My Cousin Zach graduating from Kindergarten, and I from High School
    1998 -
  • The Old Stanley Cup - Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • Joe Paterno, in Spartan Garb, In Happy Valley
  • Football Pregame Posing with Squad (L-R):Ryan Gonder, Me, Rheagan Barnett, Michelle Hurley
  • Me in the Spartan Stadium
  • The Spartan Marching Band playing the National Anthem with the ROTC Presenting the Colors
  • Three O-E Alumni Trombonists - Roger, Mandy, and I
  • Beaver Stadium - Penn State Univesity - State College, Pennsylvania
  • Happy Valley, PA - University Farms
  • Happy Valley, PA - Beaver Stadium and Mount Nittany
  • Happy Valley, PA - Beaver Stadium
  • My Grandparents Paul and Laura and friend Marg
  • Mandy and I in Marching Band
    1999 -
  • Huddle with Becca
  • "The Pond" in Anaheim, California
  • Entrance to Disneyland
  • My Squad - at Huddle
  • Welcome to Disneyland
  • Dinner in Anaheim, the last night
  • Anaheim Hilton - Spartan Country
  • Me in the Spartan Stadium
  • The St. Louis Arch (background), and the Old Court House that was home of the Dred Scott Decision (foreground)
  • The Castle at Disneyland
  • Botanical Disneyland
    2000 -
  • My Squad of the Spartan Marching Band
  • My Squad of the Spartan Marching Band, again
  • Beaver Stadium - Happy Valley, PA
  • MSU Drumline - Michigan Stadium
    2001 -
  • Maureen and I all dressed up
  • William Jefferson Clinton
  • William Jefferson Clinton
  • William Jefferson Clinton
  • The Atlanta Hilton Towers - Where we stayed during the Sweet 16
  • Somehow, by an act of God i imagine, the refs actually called a foul on Shane Battier!!
  • The CNN center in Atlanta
  • Coach K of Duke
  • Gary Williams Head Coach of Maryland
  • Gary Williams once again
  • A brightly painted Engine at Georgia Tech
  • A beautiful courtyard at Georgia Tech
  • A stately building at Georgia Tech
  • That same stately building, but notice the "TECH" on the top this time
  • Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech
  • John Heisman, former head coach at Georgia Tech and namesake of the college football MVP trophy.
  • John Madden, Director of the Spartan Brass and Spartan Marching Band
  • my friends, Lynne and Jim, OTCH!
  • Lynne and I
  • MSU Defeat of Temple in at Atlanta
  • Sideways gravesite and I, if you want to know more, as me
  • University of Minnesota Armory
  • University of Minnesota link between east and west sides of campus across the Mississippi
  • Williams Arena - Home of University of Minnesota Basketball.... but no longer Clem Haskins
  • Jerry Tarkanian, Head Coach of Fresno State Basketball and I Minneapolis
  • John Pilsbury Statue on U of Minnesota Campus


  • My friend Sarah
  • The O-E low brass section at band camp
  • Strapec and Munson taking time to pose for a picture
  • My friend Danielle - PDF format
  • Danielle and I up north - PDF format
  • Danielle and I again up north - PDF format
  • Me - PDF format
  • The Lighthouse at Whitefish Point - PDF format
  • Taquamenon Falls - PDF format
  • Taquamenon Falls once again - PDF format